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2023 Mid-Atlantic Claiming Partnership


Since our expansion into Maryland in 2022, we've had some good early success working with trainer, Lacey Gaudet. In 18 total starts we're 3-4-3, earning over $140K. We're really enjoying our time in the Mid-Atlantic and excited to keep expanding. We've been able to successfully run at Saratoga and Keeneland in addition to our homebase of Laurel Park. We're just getting started in the Mid-Atlantic!

Brawndo wins at Keeneland! 

Our Trainer: Lacey Gaudet

Lacey grew up with horses at her family’s farm in Upper Marlboro, Md., and now is at the helm of one of the largest stables at Laurel Park. She was an assistant to her father during the summer when he was based at Monmouth Park. She has worked for trainers Helen Pitts in Florida and Tom Albertrani and Allen Iwinski in New York. She later oversaw the stable at Monmouth and Delaware Park when her father was unable to do so. Gaudet is an advocate of cooperation and following through on initiatives that are in the best interest of Maryland racing.


Costs & Pricing

Budget for Claim (includes tax)
Training, Vet Expenses (Min. of 3 Months)
LBB Stables Management Fee (10%)
Total Budget: 


Partnership Details

Fully-detailed pricing plans have been developed and are ready for distribution. Each plan includes cost of claim, at least FOUR months of training fees, and a 10% LBBS management fee. There is NO MARKUP, just a one-time LBBS fee. With our claiming partnerships, we offer two periods of investment - one before/during the claiming process so that you can be more involved in the decision and another after the claim, where you have more information to make the decision to join. 

If interested in learning more, you can sign up below or email If you don't see a price point that works for you, please let us know so that we can try to accommodate if we're able to.

Partnership Pricing Plan

(Be a part of the claiming process)

(Join with more information)

Silver Partnership (5%)

Frequent communication & updates.



Includes at least FOUR months of expenses, and insurance.



Includes at least FOUR months of expenses, and insurance.

Bronze Partnership (2.5%)

Frequent communication & updates.



Includes at least FOUR months of expenses, and insurance.



Includes at least FOUR months of expenses, and insurance.

Gold Partnership (10%+)

Will be very involved in key decisions.



Includes at least FOUR months of expenses, and insurance.



Includes at least FOUR months of expenses, and insurance.

The Game Plan

  • We'll be searching for a versatile, semi-lightly raced horse in the $20-25K claiming level at SARATOGA in August to run in the Mid-Atlantic region throughout the fall and winter. 

  • We work closely with Lacey to identify a runner for LBB Stables that provides the most opportunity for success on the Mid-Atlantic circuits.

  • If you choose to join us during the claiming process, you are part of the collaborative process and kept up to date on who our claim targets are and our rationale behind them . We are very patient and deliberate, so we get this right!

  • Lastly - have a lot of fun! Yes, there's a lot of work that goes into it all, and plenty of patience and luck, but we have a great group of local Partners to hang out with too. You'll get a chance to visit in the morning and have a blast on race days. This is truly an opportunity for the everyday race fan to get involved in ownership at very reasonable investment levels. 

The LBB Stables Difference

At Little Blue Bird Stables, we offer a unique and enriching thoroughbred ownership experience that sets us apart. Our value proposition is centered around three core pillars:

  • Passionate Fan Engagement: We understand that thoroughbred ownership is not just about the financial investment but also about the deep love and passion for the sport. We actively engage with fans, creating a community where like-minded individuals can come together, share their enthusiasm, and forge lasting connections. We foster an inclusive environment that celebrates the joys of ownership and brings fans closer to the heart of racing.

  • Deliberate and Thoughtful Approach: We believe in a deliberate, principled, horse-first approach to ownership. Every decision we make, from horse selection to training strategies and race planning, is driven by a commitment to the well-being and success of our horses. We surround ourselves with experienced horsemen who bring their expertise and dedication, ensuring that our horses receive the utmost care and attention they deserve. We strive for excellence in all aspects, aiming to maximize our chances for success on and off the track.

  • Accessibility and Affordability: We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the thrill of thoroughbred ownership. That's why we offer ownership options at various investment levels, making it accessible and affordable for the everyday fan. We provide transparent information, guidance, and support, empowering owners to make informed decisions and actively participate in their horse's journey. We prioritize transparency, ensuring that our owners are well-informed about the process, costs, and potential returns.

At Little Blue Bird Stables, we are passionate about creating an optimal ownership experience that combines the thrill of racing with a thoughtful, collaborative, and inclusive approach. Join us on this exhilarating journey, where passion meets purpose, and experience the true essence of thoroughbred ownership.

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