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"That's a heck of a claim!"

As a stable who heavily relies on claiming horses, we're always watching for savvy claims to help us learn and provide things to look for when we're going through the process on behalf of our Partners. Plus, it's just fun celebrating these types of success stories. The Stakes winners get the attention, but the game is built on these types of hard-knockers.

Greeley and Ben - David Vance Stakes.png


Project Name

Greeley and Ben

Claimed for $10,000 on March 7th, 2021, Greeley and Ben made over $460k and won three stakes races for End Zone Athletics. For his most recent owner, Darryl Abramowitz, who got him for $40,000 at Saratoga, he's earned over $130k and won the G3 Fall Highweight Handicap. Read more about this gelding by clicking his photo to the left!

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