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The Thoroughbred Makeover
Contest for a Cause...

Over the course of our first three years of racing, we've been faced with the very tough decision as to whether or not we should retire our horses. Whether it be age, or an injury, every owner is going to be tasked with that decision at some point. Thankfully for LBBS, we've aligned ourselves with great trainers that have helped guide us through the process, finding happy homes and second careers for a handful of our LBBS barn mates. Through the hard-work and dedication of thoroughbred aftercare programs like Beyond the Wire (Maryland) and ReRun OTTB (NY), the decision to retire at the right time becomes an easier one because we're confident in their placement of our horses, in happy homes. 

Each year, The Retired Racehorse Project, brings together hundreds of retired racehorses in Kentucky to compete in various 2nd-career events like show jumping, dressage, barrel racing and more. They're back at it this week, and we're proud to have two former LBBS runners competing amongst 100 other retired thoroughbreds. Our two-time winning NYB, Beau Brown, is competing in show jumping and dressage, and our little filly, My Girl Steve, is in freestyle events. 

my girl steve makeover.jpg

These great organizations always have our support, but we thought that we'd give them a little bit extra as they host The Thoroughbred Makeover this week, with a fun handicapping contest to support aftercare charities. Here's the plan....

To learn more about The Retired Racehorse Project & Thoroughbred Makeover...


The #TBMakeover Contest

Let's raise some money for aftercare AND have a little bit of racing fun. We're hosting a handicapping contest on Saturday, 10/14, where 75% of all proceeds will go to The Retired Racehorse Project & Beyond The Wire, and 25% towards a player prize pool. Here's how it works:

1. $25 entry fee, with 75% going to aftercare and 25% back to the prize pool. 

2. Enter by Saturday, 10/14, at 9AM ET. All players will receive an email with handicapping contest races and details that morning.

3. Contest will include the last SIX races from Keeneland (starts at 3:00 PM ET), and will focus on mythical $2 WPS wagers. 

4. Full list of players, selections and prize payouts will be provided prior to the first race of the contest on Saturday. 

5. Winners will be announced on Sunday, 10/15.

Make your picks here!

Thanks for playing!

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