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Rye Humor Partnership

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Now that the Canterbury Park meet is over, we're sending Rye Humor back to Kentucky to race at Churchill Downs. He's a modest, hard-trying horse that we feel we have heading in the right direction. We're excited to see him get back to doing what he's best at - sprinting on the dirt. 

Meet Rye Humor

There's a race for every racehorse - you just need to put the time in to find it. Thanks to our network of quality horsemen, LBB Stables had the opportunity to privately purchase Rye Humor. He's been racing down in Kentucky but will soon join our other two horses in Shakopee to be guided by our Hall of Fame trainer, David Van Winkle. Some new surroundings and lighter competition should do this guy some good. He's clearly very talented having been competitive in $40K & $50K CLM races in Kentucky - and he's starting to find his mojo again. He's the perfect addition to LBB Stables. 


Partnership Opportunities: Fully-detailed pricing plans have been developed and are ready for distribution. Each plan includes percentage of cost of claim, two months of training fees, and a 10% LBBS management fee.

Gold Partner -   $1,600 for 10% ownership, and will be a key decision-maker. 

Silver Partner - $850 for 5% ownership.

Bronze Partner - $425 for 2.5% ownership.

If you don't see a price point that works for you, please let us know so that we can try to accommodate if we're able to. 

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