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2021 Yearlings - Gentleman Burglar


Colt. Central Banker - Votre Coeur (Flatter)

What We Liked About Him...

- He has really great size for a late foal (May). He's already very strong in the shoulders and hind end.

- He's built to be very quick and was great value in the second day of the sale.

- While his dam may be unproven, there are successful runners in his 2nd and 3rd dam with the likes of Cross Border and Private Emblem. There's also intriguing cross breeding with Central Banker in the 3rd dam.

- Auction Price: $20,000

Partnership Opportunities: Fully-detailed pricing plans that include expectations for costs, communication and experience have been developed and are ready for distribution. Each plan includes cost of purchase, TEN months of training fees, insurance policy, shipping expenses and a 15% LBBS management fee. 

Grab a buddy or family member to split shares! We want to find a price point that works for you, so let us know and we'll try to accommodate.

Gold Partner -   $4,500 for 10% ownership of Gentleman Burglar.

Silver Partner - $2,500 for 5% ownership.

Bronze Partner - $1,000 for 2% ownership.

More Background Info

The Selection Process

• We went back to Timonium, MD with Team Hennig and found two strong, athletic yearlings to add to the LBB Stables Fam

• Mark & team took the the lead in evaluating each of the yearlings.

• 80% of our search was about physical conformation, and 20% about breeding.

• Over the course of the four days in Timonium, we did three separate walk-throughs and developed a shortlist of about 15-20 potential targets and had them vetted.

• The two yearlings we ended up with are both New York breds and were very high on our list of targets.

• Both horses are now in Ocala, FL to start training with Robbie Harris at the Harris Training Center, with hopes of shipping up to New York in April/May to begin preparing for debut in the summer.

Why Yearlings?

  1. Plenty of bonuses to take advantage of over the course of the year.

  2. We have the option to race all year-round, minimizing the need to think about shipping south for the winter.

Why NY Breds?

  1. We believe we can get really good value if we pick the right athlete. That's not easy to do, but if we put in the extra work, and get them in the right hands, (and with some racing luck) we improve our chances of getting to the racetrack and being successful. Hey, we did it once and have both yearlings in training in New York.

  2. Two year old in training sales have become incredibly risky, with breeders working young horses more aggressively to sell for more money at auction. We've heard enough stories to avoid this for now.

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