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 Saratoga Racing Club: Game Plan

This summer you can be a Partner in TWO horses at beautiful Saratoga Race Course. Beginning in April, we'll be looking to claim two horses to point towards the Saratoga meet this summer. We've had some solid results at Saratoga thus far, and will continue to build on our presence in NY. With guidance from our trainer, Mark Hennig, we'll look to claim two runners from any of the tracks in NY, Arkansas, Kentucky and Maryland. Our goal is simple - prepare for the meet and get our first WIN at Saratoga. By starting the process earlier than we have before, we'll be ready for plenty of action at the Saratoga meet. Here's our game plan...

LBB Stables Saratoga Results


What are we looking for?

With guidance from our trainer, Mark Hennig, we'll be looking for two horses that offer us some versatility and plenty of race options. We want horses that will have distance and/or surface versatility, but the goal is to have ONE Partnership with TWO unique horses for you to own.

As is always the case, we'll make the claiming process a collaborative one, where we'll send weekly Claim Target emails so everyone is kept abreast of our targets and the rationale for consideration. Feedback is always welcome.

How many shares are available?

There will be 50 units or shares available at a cost of $2,600 per share. This includes ownership in both of our Saratoga horses, a minimum of five months of expenses, mortality & colic insurance, and an LBBS management fee. There are no limits on amount of shares that can be purchased by any one individual. Click here for full Partnership details.

How will the Partnership be managed?

A 3-person Club Management team will be put in place to collaborate with our trainer, Mark Hennig, and are tasked with making key day-to-day decisions for our horses and the Partnership as a whole. To learn more about the SRC Club Management team, click here.

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