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In Partnership with Team Gaudet...


  • Reasonable investment levels so you have plenty of bankroll to fire at Saratoga, Colonial Downs, Ellis Park, or wherever you enjoy playing on the weekends. 

  • Lots of communication - maybe even too much?! It's a collaborative effort . You'll know what we're doing, when we're doing it and most importantly WHY. 

  • Plenty of upfront legwork. There are certainly no guarantees in racing, but we put in the extra work to try to minimize risk. We are diligent and patient (just ask our Saratoga Claiming crew). "Swing and misses" are no good.


  • Humility and integrity. We don't have all the answers, and we're making mistakes - but we won't make them twice. We're working as a TEAM with honest, respected trainers that help guide us as we continue to learn and improve. 

  • A relentless pursuit of success - and we're going to do it by putting the horse FIRST. The wins will come! No shortcuts! (and y'all know what we mean). 

Don't believe us? Just ask our Partners

With Gratitude


There's plenty for us to be grateful for, but most especially our Partners and their family members, and our Trainers and the teams of people that take such good care of our horses. Wishing our entire LBB Stables Family a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

Thoroughbred Ownership with Passion & Purpose

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