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LBBS Saratoga Racing Club

In 2023, LBB Stables will shift its priorities to building more focused Partnerships in our key racing regions - NY, Maryland and Kentucky. These Partnerships will include 2-3 horses, providing our Partners with a more "fund-like" opportunity to minimize risk and optimize towards a positive return. We'll have a 3-person team managing each "Club" with heavy involvement from our trainers. The first of its' kind will be launched for the Saratoga meet ahead. Thus far, LBBS is 4 for 5 In the Money at Saratoga, and 2023 will be the year we crack that WIN column. Please check out the details of our very first Saratoga Racing Club, and let us know if you'd like to join...

LBB Stables Saratoga Results


The LBBS 2023 Saratoga Racing Club (SRC) will include two horses claimed between April -June that will be pointed towards the Saratoga meet this summer. We'll have a budget of $70,000 to secure our two Saratoga runners. Click above for more details!


There is an experienced three-person team in place to manage the SRC for its duration. They will work closely with trainer Mark Hennig to ensure that we're prioritizing our two most important assets - our horses & our Partners. Click above for more information!


We've been very deliberate about our approach to this newly-formed SRC - from budgets, to estimated expenses. As is always the case, we'll lead with strong, transparent communication. You can see a full breakdown of pricing and more details for the SRC by clicking the image above.

SRC Shares Remaining: 17

Costs & Pricing

Budget for Claims
Training, Vet, Shipping Expenses (Min. of 5 Months)
Mortality & Colic Insurance
LBB Stables Manage
ment Fee (13.5%)
Total Budget: 


50 Units Available at $2,600/per share
*Maximum of 10 shares per Partner

Join the Club

For more information about the 2023 Saratoga Racing Club...

Thanks for your interest! We'll get back to you shortly with more information!

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