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The Origin of "Little Blue Bird?"

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

When you grow up as a racing fan, it's hard not to at least entertain the thought of one day owning a racehorse. For some, it may be a fairly easy dream to fulfill, but for others (like many of our Partners), the decision requires a little more deliberation, and the right timing. Personally, I've wanted to become an owner since some point in my 20's, but ya know - careers, relationships, RENT, marriage, kids... There was always a reason to "hold off for now." Over the course of those years, I took to social media to talk racing. It wasn't often you'd stumble upon someone in your everyday life that was a fan of the game - that's what OTB's were for. We all had our favorite branches (Park Slope, BK), likely with our favorite crew (RIP Artie) in a certain crevice of the building. In that way, Twitter became a virtual OTB - I connected with lots of like-minded racing fans, that just wanted to talk racing.

And then I met some of these guys and gals - most typically at a race track or at a bar to watch a race track on Derby Day or Breeders Cup Day. We'd set up in places like the backyard at Belmont Park, play group P4, P5 and P6 tickets, sometimes cash them, and it was an absolute blast. Horse racing is a lot more fun when you're doing it with friends and others that love the game as much as you do - it's that simple. Why shouldn't ownership be the same?

After "holding off for now" for several years, we did it! We bought a horse. We put together a small group of friends and fans that all met on Twitter to buy a NYB yearling, and then another, and then a couple to run at Oaklawn Park, and so on and so on. "Little Blue Bird" is our nod to the platform that connected us all - Twitter. Sure, it's changed over the years (as has racing); it's a bit more toxic now but if you sift through the nonsense there are lifelong fans of the game that still just want to talk racing, and many of them are now a part of this LBB Stables journey.

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