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Celebrating the Heartbeat of Racing: Little Blue Bird Stables is dedicated to delivering an exceptional thoroughbred ownership experience to enthusiasts of all backgrounds. Driven by our passion for the sport, we prioritize integrity and a horse-first philosophy in every facet of our operations. Through deliberate decision-making, we create a nurturing environment for our horses, where their well-being and success take center stage. As we unite a vibrant community of owners, our collaborative approach fosters camaraderie and excitement in the pursuit of racing excellence. Join us on this exhilarating journey, where passion meets purpose, and together, we embrace the true essence of thoroughbred ownership.

Why Little Blue Bird?

Our Horse-First Approach means that we use trainers with excellent reputations who will always do right by the horse, whether that means giving them time off, dropping in class, or finding a new career when their racing days are over. 

Our Transparent Communication allows for you to be kept abreast of all the key decisions involving your horse, from acquisition to race placement and other important decisions in a horse's career with us. With Little Blue Bird Stables, you're part of the team, and you're treated like one.

Our Race Day Experiences include paddock passes and the opportunity to meet your horse in person. We also have on-track events throughout the year to meet up with other Little Blue Bird partners .



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