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Breeders' Cup Central

Breeders' Cup weekend is upon us, and LBB Stables is providing our Partners and everyday racing fans some great content to help with handicapping the BC races, and hopefully cash a couple of tickets. While we're not participating as owners at this year's Breeders' Cup, it's a very important day for the the horse racing industry to showcase its top talent - both four-legged and two-legged. We're here to support it. 


Breeders' Cup Handicapping Show

Friday Breeders' Cup Races

Saturday Breeders' Cup Races

We spent over THREE hours with some of the best handicapping Partners currently in the LBBS barn. They've given you some insight into each of the Breeders' Cup races and will hopefully help each of us make a little bit of cash. On top of that, the input from both Friday and Saturday's analysis will help form our tickets for our first ever PARTNER POOL - fully funded by our Partners and sponsored by LBB Stables. Big thanks to our Partner Cappers - Mike C. (@AngryYankee1), Josh H. (@Barbaro1420), Bill S. (@ThruTheBridle), Chris T. (@MA_Bred), Rob H. (@RJH_1892), Rob W. (@innertrak), Joel S. (@Joel_Starz) and Scott M. (@mvictors13). 

"PARTNER POOL" Sponsored by LBB Stables

We have a total $7,300 in our Partner Pool. All of our group tickets will be posted here for both Friday & Saturday. Now, let's have some fun! 

friday final bc results.jpg

1st Day Results:  -$3,079

Summary of Friday's Wagers

Race 6 - If you watched/listened to our Breeders Cup show, you'll have heard a couple of our handicappers very high on the #2 - Love Reigns. She's likely to be the first or second choice in the wagering. We're going to try to start a big P4 with her singled. The group didn't like The Platinum Queen much, so we'll be backing up our big P5 with $1.50 P3's that include the 1 - Lady Hollywood, 4 - Dramatised, 5 - Mischief Magic, 6 - Persian Force, 7 - Oxymore and 9 - Sharp Aza Tack. So let's root for one of these to come in. 


Race 7 - We're going to use this race as a start to a big P4, keying some price horses that the group really liked, including the 8 - Atomically, 9 - Grand Love, 11 - American Rockette, 13 - Leave No Trace and 14 - Raging Sea.


Race 8 - In here we keyed the 12 - Midnight Mile and 13 - Xigera on top in some triples. If we can get one of them on top, we have a great chance at catching a very nice payout. The overall thought for this race was that it was pretty wide open, which should lead some good exotics.  


Race 9 - We just have P4's and P5's with this race, as there's a chance Cave Rock wins this race at a short price, so we didn't want to invest too much of our bankroll in this one. 


Race 10 - This is another tough race, and HOPEFULLY we are still live in our P4's and P5's here to give us some excitement for the afternoon. We played a $2 triple with the 2 - Packs a Wahlop, 8 - I'm Very Busy and 10 - Webslinger on top.


It'll be a great day of action for the group. Let's get lucky! 

Satuday Wagers

Screenshot 2022-11-05 094452.jpg

Saturday Wagers:  $4,387

About Little Blue Bird Stables

We want to bring the excitement of owning a racehorse to the everyday fan/bettor - ownership for fans, by fans. We also want LBB Stables to make a positive impact on the game we love. We aim to bring integrity, professionalism and transparency to an industry that badly needs it. We've surrounded ourselves with great horsemen and long-time fans/bettors to build a deliberate and thoughtful approach to ownership, at reasonable investment levels - a recipe that we believe will best maximize our partners' chance for success. 

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