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Racehorse Ownership For The Everyday Racing Fan




ST. OLAF ROSE (Goldencents)

Preparing for her racing career at Diamond A Farm. Will ship to Randy Morse, Black-Eyed Susan winning trainer.

Shares start at $700


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What We're Chirping About...

We have some of the most fun, knowledgeable owners in all of horse racing. We love this game and want to see it turn around and become the great sport it once was. We want to meet people within the ecosystem, have meaningful conversations and share our perspectives - and we're going to put our Partners at the forefront. They have stories to tell, experiences to share, and we're going to give them the platform to do so.


Bringing the excitement of owning a racehorse to the everyday fan - ownership for fans, by fans. We've surrounded ourselves with great horsemen  to build a deliberate and thoughtful approach to ownership at reasonable investment levels - a recipe that we believe will best maximize our Partners' chance for success. 

What You Can Expect as a Partner...


Strong Communication

The end goal will always be to get into the winner’s circle, but it is certainly more rewarding when you feel as though you’ve been a part of the journey since the start.


Transparency & Honesty

From finances, to auction and claiming prospects, to race day decisions - you are always kept abreast of the key decisions made to best manage our horses and your investments.


Professionalism & Integrity

The horse will always come first, and we will do our best to create the proper path for them as they race for LBB Stables and beyond.


All-Access Experience

The best part of owning a racehorse is getting the access to them and our team. We provide all of our Partners with the ability to spend some time on the backside, as well as paddock access and passes on race day. We also have LBB Stables events throughout the year. 



Tony C., NE understand the importance of good, open, and steady communication.... Even at just 10%, you make us feel like partners and that our opinion matters.


David W., NY

Lots of groups just grind through same old claims while you are much more focused on finding a really good one. This will pay off.


Chris A., MN

Your Race Previews are the most underrated part of being in this partnership! It's great to be in a group with actual handicappers! As always, thanks for all you do. There isn't a better partnership opportunity out there!


Let's Connect

If interested in learning more about our partnership, future opportunities and/or have any questions you can send a message here, or to

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